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Kids In Sports Parties

Have a birthday coming up?


A fun, memorable experience for kids of all ages!

We design the party to suit your child's sports interests and abilities. A standard Kids In Sports birthday party is 90 minutes. The first hour consists of sports activities, and the remaining half hour is designated for food and cake. 



Parents are advised to choose 1-2 sports to have the party centered around. Sports options include: soccer, baseball, basketball, football, volleyball, and hockey.


While the Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich is the host of many of our classes, Parents may elect to hold parties at an indoor or outdoor location of their choosing if they would like to reserve the space. 

Party Favors: 

Party Favors can be added to any Party package by working with the Kids in Sports Office.  Some of the favors offered include Blow up Sports Balls, Backpacks, Water Bottles and more